Website+ SSL+ Business Email Marketing+ Website builder 8+ Domain+ Personalize =$1389


How we help you

Brand Development


At Manny Teppo we will help you get started building your brand online. You get free photoshop editing of your photos(up to 10-then a small fee thereafter) Free illustrator help(up to 3 then a small fee thereafter) and we can even produce a video for your site. We provide tech support for as long as you maintain your website with our provider.

Web Design


I will send you a strategic Design Creative Brief that you will need to fill out. I will the present you with some Ideas on how we can personalize a template that suits your business needs.



Once your site is finished we will help you develop a marketing strategy based on Guerilla marketing Techniques. These techniques start as low cost to allow you to find your best niche.


Web Package

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

After publishing your site(for the whole year) we will ship all of your artwork and graphics on a flash drive. Graphics will be printer ready.