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How we help you

Brand Development


At Manny Teppo we will help you get started building your brand online. You get free photoshop editing of your photos(up to 10-then a small fee thereafter) Free illustrator help(up to 3 then a small fee thereafter) and we can even produce a video for your site. We provide tech support for as long as you maintain your website with our provider.

Web Design


Using all the tools we have available we will put together a website and marketing funnel for you to build your email list.



Once your site is finished we will help you develop a marketing strategy based on Guerilla marketing Techniques. These techniques start as low cost to allow you to find your best niche.


Web Package

I want the Package


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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

After publishing your site(for the whole year) we will ship all of your artwork and graphics on a flash drive. Graphics will be printer ready. 

If you would like to build it yourself then visit our domains, hosting, and website builder solutions and choose the products you would like to use. Visit our web products store.