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Manny's Story

In case you want to know

I worked in construction, Movies for about 15 years and drove truck coast to coast. 

In 2005 I had a stroke and was unable to work and provide for my family. My wife Susan had to find a way to help me and provide for our family. She negotiated the sale of our 40 acre property and moved us into an apartment. She encouraged me to plant and care for a garden after seeing that I had all but given up hope of ever functioning again. Susan talked to our doctor and he decided that I needed to exercise my brain, literally. He called it brain plasticity. My Doctor gave me a 30 GB pc and suggested I learn to build websites and sell stuff. It did help and now I am able to help small businesses develop their online presence. For me the online business is perfect because of my hearing loss. I can communicate through email and my Phonak hearing aids have Bluetooth. These last 13 years have not been easy and we have been homeless twice during that time. Through it all my wife Susan has supported me and helped me overcome challenges.

I understand the challenges of getting a website up and running firsthand and believe that makes me suited perfectly to helping you build your website or webstore. 

We donate 10% of the income from this business to Doctors Directly to pay for hearing aids for those who need them and are unable to qualify for help from various state agencies or non-profits. I believe there is a large group of people out there that need hearing aids in order to work and do not have the resources to obtain them. 

Manny Teppo is a For Profit company that wants to help. How many homeless people are out there that would be finding jobs or starting their own businesses if they had 2-4000. dollars for hearing aids?